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Signature design communication is now PXP


Signature design communication is now PXP

Highlighting our engagement towards a practice centered around people and places.

Montréal, March 5 2024 - At the end of a process of company transfer to the next generation, Signature design communication, a multidisciplinary integrated design firm specializing in signage, wayfinding, industrial design and urban design, is transforming its identity. It is officially adopting a new name, PXP, to anchor two essential components of its service offering: people and places.

"With this repositioning, PXP seeks to transform the experience of users through the spaces and places they come across," points out Vincent Clarizio, President and Creative Director of PXP. Whether temporary or permanent, urban spaces express a great deal about the values and feelings that inhabit a city, a territory, its infrastructures and its institutions. The success of a project depends on listening to the places and needs of its people. It is therefore essential to put these two aspects right at the heart of everything we do."

Human-centric design

In a context where cities and public spaces are increasingly complex, encouraging social interaction, strengthening the sense of belonging and improving quality of life is becoming an urgent need for action. 

‍More than ever, PXP wants to emphasize the impact of its mission on people and places by making sure to put the human and the experience at the center of its approach, including through urban experience strategies, custom furniture design, signage and graphic solutions and product design. All carried out with an intuitive, inclusive and sustainable approach, to provide for coherence and interconnectivity between people and places.‍

From Signature design communication to PXP, a family business

On the eve of its 25th anniversary, the company has begun an important transition in its shareholding between the founders and the next generation of the family. With 15 years' experience in the company, Vincent Clarizio, industrial designer and creative director, officially took over the reins of Signature design communication from his father and mother, who have worked in Montréal since the 90s.‍

Keeping the company in the family is a promise of continuity in the excellence of the services offered, for Claire Jacques and Michael Clarizio, co-founders of Signature design communication. PXP intends to build on the experience and solid reputation established by its predecessor.


Founded in 1998, Signature design communication (SDC), now PXP, is an award-winning multidisciplinary design and consulting firm.

PXP is recognized for its expertise in wayfinding, signage design, industrial design and graphic design. 

Signature design communication (SDC) is now PXP!

Signature design communication becomes PXP, a transition that reflects our commitment to creating places with purpose for a positive occupation of public spaces.